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Sustainable Building

Green Building - A Greener way Forward Bioneer Builders Proudly serves the San Francisco Bay Area!

At Bioneer Builders, “green” building means more than just a style of construction. To us, it means building with an inherent sense of environmental responsibility and providing our clients with the best solutions for their sustainability goals. Bioneer Builders has a proven track record of providing our clients with information and analysis to derive at the optimal balance between sustainable measures and project budget. Through our experience of building some of the nation’s top recognizable green buildings, we’ve developed the most comprehensive use of green building strategies. These strategies incorporated with our sound project management methodology, allows our Bioneer Builders project teams to track budgets accurately and manage projects efficiently while working with our clients to help them reach the best decisions for their overall green and fiscal goals.

Bioneer Builders Professionals in the operations and preconstruction translates into a green focus for every construction project, even those projects not seeking LEED certification. Bioneer Builders understands the importance of utilizing various green building strategies in order to reduce energy costs and provide materials in construction that minimize our impact on the environment. As a team, the most important aspect of green building is that we listen to you, the owner. We ensure that your ideas are heard and incorporated into the project. The team will collectively decide on which green design strategies are acceptable and feasible for your project.To view Bioneer Builders’ projects, visit the project portfolio page.

Contact Bioneer Builders today! See why our construction management services are focused upon creating value beyond building. With our commitment to green building and sustainable, environmentally conscious construction, we seek to minimize our impact on the environment while leaving a legacy for future generations that promotes healthy living and mental well-being within sustainable communities. For more on Bioneer Builders’ internal sustainability efforts, visit the environmental stewardship page.


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Peter is definitely in my speed dial!
"Peter Alexander works exclusively with the finest craftsmen and materials and is personally involved in every aspect of his projects. This attention to detail is what truly makes them great."

New Kitchen for my growing family!
"I just got my kitchen installed last week and I'm thrilled! It was a pleasure to work with Peter - He is very professional and the fact that Bioneer Builders' staff really made everything so much easier for me. He was extremely sensitive to excellent design and without any clock ticking really gave me some outstanding and creative ideas about how to design my space as a whole - as opposed to hanging "cabinets" on the wall. He definitely is extremely talented and the project management was impeccable. The product is top of the line in the US. AMAZING."


We’re sure you’ll be 100% satisfied. We offer a 1-year warranty on defects from material and workmanship. In fact, almost all of our clients have hired us for more than one project. How many other contractors can say that?

The only way you’ll find out how we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams is to contact us today. We’ve made it very easy. Either request an estimate online or call Office: (415) 717-9501 / Office: (408) 807-2935 today to schedule your free estimate and consultation.

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