James Jacobs

I worked on a garage project for Bioneer Builders performing a visual inspection of the waterproofing, per manufacturer's guidelines. The work looked professional, and as a subcontractor, he paid the bill right away. I later saw photos of the completed project which looked professional and there appeared to be quite a few style elements and details showing a high level of craftsmanship. More recently, I saw photos of a house he is building in Santa Rosa, California. In the photos he showed me, I saw the house framing and building project was well underway and moving ahead in what looked like a professional and workmanlike manner. I have known Peter Alexander for several years.

Michael Dolan

Since entering into our construction contract with Peter Alexander of Bioneer Builders in November, 2018, for the rebuild of our home in the Fountaingrove area of Santa Rosa, we find Peter to be a pleasure to work with in that he has a pleasant manner and a good sense of humor. Peter has been extremely reliable always responding immediately to our requests and questions, and has been in constant communication with us as to where we stand in the process.

In addition, Peter has an outstandingly competent crew who show up on time every day, do the work in a professional manner and keep a very clean and neat work environment on the building site. Further, Peter has utilized the highest quality materials on the job.

We have found Peter to be honest and trustworthy. He and his project manager, Carlos, are especially adept at being able to fix flaws that have been found in the architectural drawings and have made good suggestions for improvements as the building process moves forward.

All in all, Peter and his crew have been unfailingly helpful and cooperative thus making the entire process of rebuilding less stressful for us.

Eric Van Cleave

I had an opportunity to meet the owner and speak with him. Articulate, friendly and dedicated to quality customer service. The first impression was great!

Gabi Kao

We needed a fallen down, old garage removed and rebuilt on our property. The driveway had to be fixed also. Peter Alexander of Bioneer builders did a great job, even the city inspector was amazed.

William Walters

Peter has done a very clean job on a fire replacement dwelling here in Santa Rosa. He has kept a clean job site and has kept a clean meeting space for subs and inspectors visiting and working at the site including tables with the drawings readily available. You don't often see this at a job site.

He has kept the grounds free of debris and piles of discarded waste and the access to the building is easy to use and facilitate.

Peter always contacts me if he has questions regarding installations or product use called out on the drawings for correctness.

He also stores materials correctly, inside and properly stacked with labels showing to inspect. Neat and orderly.

I would have to say Peter keeps a neat and orderly job site, takes care of materials and runs a clean ship.

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